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1. Relief in Major Disasters

2. Relief in Hit & Run Cases

3. Relief to the families of J & K Migrants

4. Relief to the families of Punjab Migrants

5. Draught Relief

6. Relief tp 1984 riots victims

7. Guidelines for widow pension scheme

List of families of J & K Migrants Subdivisionwise:
1 Shahdara Click Here
2 Seelampur Click Here
3 Seemapuri Click Here

The office of Deputy Commissioner is responsible for providing relief to the victims of natural & man made disasters like fire,flood,drought,earthquakes,riots,terrorist attacks,accidents etc. The relief is provided as per the following scale fixed by the government:-

1 Communal Riots  
  (a) Death Case
(b) Permanent Incapacitation
Rs. 1 lakh
Rs. 50,000/-
2 Bomb Blasts and Riots  
  (a) Death
(b) Permanent incapacitation
(c) Serious Injuiry
(d) Minor injuiry
Rs. 1 lakh in each case
Rs. 50,000/- each case
Rs.10,000/- each case
Rs.3,000/- each case
3 Fire & Other Accidents  
  (a) Death (Major)
(b) Death (Minor)
(c) Serious injuiry
(d) Minor injuiry
Rs.50,000/- each case
Rs.25,000/- each case
Rs.20,000/-each case
Rs.500/- each case.
4 Loss of property  
  (a) Animals
(b) Rickshaw etc.
Rs.1,000/- each
Rs.500/- each
5 Damage to residential unit(in riots)  
  (a) Total damage
(b) Substational damage
(c) Minor damage
6 Uninsured commercial property/commercial articles.  
  50 % of the loss upto a maximum of Rs.50,000/-.
7 Damage to property (in case of fire)  
  Total damage to the jhuggis - Rs.1,000/-

In all such cases action is taken by the office of Deputy Commissioner both Suo-Moto as well as on receipt of application from the victims.

Solatium Fund for Hit & Run cases

Compensation is provided by the government to the victims of Hit & Run cases of road accidents where the vehicle involved in the accident is untraced and there is no other made of compensation for the families of victims.

Procedure for making claim application for getting relief

(1) The applicant shall submit an application seeking Compensation under this scheme in Form 1 along with duly filled in discharge receipt from 11 and the undertaking in Form V to the claims Enquiry Officer of the Sub-Division or Taluka in which the accident takes place.

(2) The application shall be made within a period of six months from the date of the accident.

Provided that an application made after six months but not after 12 months from the date of the accident may be accepted by the claims Enquiry Officer, if he is satisfied that there are reasonable grounds to condone the delay.

(3) Where the claims Enquiry Officer does not accept the grounds advanced by the applicant, he shall record speaking orders and communicate to the applicant reasons for not accepting the claims applications.

On receipt of the report of Claims Enquiry Officer, the Claims Settlement Commissioner sanctions the claim, as far as possible, within a period not exceeding fifteen fifteen days from the date of receipt of such report and communicate the sanction order in Form 1V along with a duly discharged receipt in Form II and the undertaking in Form V to the nominated office of the insurance Company and also to the following:

(a) The Claims Enquiry Officer
(b) The claimant
(c) The concerned Motor Accident Claims Tribunal
(d) The concerned Transport Commissioner
(e) General Insurance Corporation Head quarters.

Where the Claims Settlement Commissioner has any doubt in respect of the report submitted by the claims Enquiry Officer, he shall return the report submitted by the claims Enquiry Officer for further enquiry indicating the specific points on which the enquiry is to be made.

Payment of Compensation

In the case of claims arising out of death, the payment shall be made to the legal representatives as the deceased as the decided by the claims Enquiry Officer.In the case of claims arising out of injuiry, the payment shall be made to the person injured. The nominated office of the Insurance Company, immediately on respect of the sanction order in Form 1V together with the discharge receipt in Form 11 and the undertaking in Form V, shall make the payment to the claimant and dispatch a cheque/ demand draft to the claimant by registered post with acknowledgement due and simultaneously send intimation to all the concerned authorities to whom the copy of the sanction order is endorsed. The payment to the claimant by the Insurance Company shall be made within 15 days from the date of receipt of the sanction order together with a discharge receipt and wherever delay occurs, reasons therefore shall be explained to the Claims Settlement Commissioner.
Registered Letters containing cheques/demands drafts, if returned undelivered from claimants shall be placed before the Claims Settlement Commissioner for further directions. The nominated Office of the Insurance Company shall furnish a monthly return giving the number and the date of the sanction order, date of receipt of sanction order, payments made, sanction orders pending for payment to the claims Settlement Commissioner with a copy to the claims Enquiry Officer and General Insurasnce Coporation Headquarters, Bombay.

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Relief to the families of J & K Migrants

Relief to the families of Punjab Migrants

Flood Relief :-

During the rainy season the waterlevel of River Yamuna rises. This rise in waterlevel is also attributed to the fact of large discharge of water from the Tajewale Dam in adjoining state of Haryana. For the all four months of rainy period. Constant monitoring of waterlevel of River Yamuna is ensured and all the Precautionly measures are taken. In South District some affected areas are Batla Home, Abul Fazal Enclave & Zakir Nagar Ext.. In past years, families were evacuted from the low lying areas to safest places. The office of D.C.(S) in Co-ordination of all the other Department maintain a constant vigil. Two govt. Schools are permanently identified as the temporary Camps for shifted families. At the Camps all necessary arrangement such as lighting, water, toilets, medical assistance, supply of ration at the Camp at Govt. rates are available. Round the Clock duties of staff ensures timely & efficient action.

RELIEF TO 1984 riots victims

• Relief is given to families of persons killed in 1984 riots at the rate of Rs. 1000/- per month.

• The total payment for death has been enhanced to Rs. 3,50,000/- in accordance with the judgement of Hon'ble Delhi High Court in the case Bhajan Kaur vs. Delhi Administration. Such enhanced compensation is being paid in all cases. The next-of-kin can apply for such payment to the office of Deputy Commissioner, in whose cases where the death took place in the jurisdiction of South District. After enquiry, the recommendation of the Dy. Commissioner is placed before a Screening Committee at the state level which decides whether the payment is to be made.

Guidelines for widow pension scheme :

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