District Registrar
Collector of Stamps
Sub Registrar
Procedure of Registration
Model Deed Page
Type of Documents Registered
Documents required for registration
Important Orders and Circulars
Peshi Register of Sub-Registrar VIII
Peshi Register of Sub-Registrar VIIIA
Photos of Sub Registrar Office
Type of Documents Registered

Type of Documents Registered

  • Award
  • Cancellation of instrument (GPA, SPA, WILL, Mortgage)

  • Disclaimer Deed

  • Exchange of Property

  • Further charge

  • Indemnity Bond

  • Lease Deed

  • Mortgage Deed with Corporative Bank

  • Partnership

  • Perpetual Lease

  • Settlement

  • Surrender of Lease

  • Trust Deed

  • Adoption deed

  • Cancellation of will

  • Certificate of Sale

  • Consent Letter

  • Conveyance Deed

  • Declaration

  • General Agreement

  • Gift Deed

  • Mortgage Deed

  • Partition deed

  • Rectification Deed

  • Lease/Relinquishment Deed with consideration

  • Relinquishment/Release Deed without consideration

  • Sale Agreement

  • Sale deed

  • SPA/GPA/GPA blood relation

  • Transfer of lease

  • Trust immovable

  • WILL

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