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Procedure of Registration

Procedure of Registration

  1. Take on line Appointment at website of Revenue Department by clicking appointment Management System.
  2. Report at Reception Counter of SR-Office at pre fixed date/time and submit documents for checking and received token No. /Pass for entry inside office.

  3. Report at Facilitation counter and wait for data entry of Registration until your token no. will display on the display screen.

  4. Wait at waiting hall provided, until your token no. will display on the display screen to visit Sub Registrar.

  5. Report at Reader’s desk in chamber of e-Sub Registrar for scrutiny of the document.

  6. Present the document before the Sub Registrar according to the provisions of the Indian Registration Act.

  7. After presentation as above, proceed to digitations/Bio-matric room for digital photograph.

  8. Deposit the requisite Registration fee by means of a Demand Draft/Pay order in favour of DDO DC (East), GNCT of Delhi and received the acknowledgment slip.

  9. Return the Token/Pass issued and Exit from the Exit Gate.

  10. The Registered documents are collected between 3PM to 5PM on working days after returning original acknowledgment slip.
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