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  1. Introduction

    The Government of NCT of Delhi (GNCTD) is committed to improve the quality of life of its citizens especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged sections of the society. For this, it has initiated Mission Convergence called Samajik Suvidha Sangam to converge various welfare entitlement schemes and services with the objective of making entitlements reach the poor through a single window system in a hassle free manner. Samajik Suvidha Sangam will be the interface between departments, DCs office and Nodal Agencies and NGOs. To fulfill the objective, Samajik Suvidha Sangam is engaging NGOs and CBOs in a partnership mode. The mandate of the Mission is to bring together to a common platform the plethora of schemes to eliminate duplications, error records and strengthen the implementation mechanism by use of IT enabled system, rationalize administration, and incorporate partnerships with civil society organizations for more effective delivery. The long-term objective of this project is to package useful social sector welfare schemes focusing on empowerment of the vulnerable population together at delivery level thereby maximizing their impact and efficiently utilizing scarce financial resources through active involvement of community in a concerted and focused manner. The Mission strives to enhance the visibility of schemes to all targeted communities; enhance the control/influence of the community/service recipient over the welfare schemes; strengthening the Organizations (GRC/NGOs/Government line Dept.) and its processes related to prompt service delivery; and incentives and reinforce appropriate mechanisms for receiving/providing services.

  2. Objectives

    1. Establish, manage, operate, maintain and facilitate the welfare programme throughout the NCT of Delhi for providing welfare services in an integrated manner to the under-privileged citizens in an efficient, transparent, convenient, friendly and cost effective manner.
    2. Identify and recommend the welfare services which can be provided in consultation and co-ordination with the converging departments.
    3. Workout and implement the action plan for the welfare schemes in the NCT of Delhi in collaboration with the private sector, NGOs, or Public Private Partnership (PPP) or other innovative methods as per the requirements of the specific areas.
    4. Rationalize and streamline the implementation of the schemes related with social services.
    5. Generate awareness on the welfare schemes and programme amongst masses.
    6. Facilitate and promote public-private partnerships and community ownership in efficient service delivery of social services.
    7. Improve access of the poor to get the maximum benefits of the welfare schemes.
    8. Promote women empowerment.

  3. District Resource Center

  4. District Resource Centres are District level structures of Mission Convergence (Samajik Suvidha Sangam) based at the office of the Deputy Commissioners of each district as 'front office' of the DC office, and act as a single window for the community for welfare entitlement/schemes. These will be lead interfaces between the community and the government departments, through the Deputy Commissioners and District nodal officers of the concerned departments, in consultation with GRC-Suvidha Kendras and DC office, and would give the beneficiaries a platform to discuss their grievances and seek immediate redressal.

    List of District Resource Centers


    Name of DRCs









    St. Stephen's Hospital






    Urban Health Resource Center



    Center For Advocacy & Research



    Datamation Foundation



    Hope Foundation




    New Delhi

  5. Gender Resource Center

  6. The Mission Convergence incorporates the previous Gender Resource Centres, which function much nearer to the community in its implementation structure and has added a Suvidha Kendra to each GRC, redefining the scope of a GRC viz. not only its name. Essentially the Gender Resource Centre was formed to take care of all dimensions related to women empowerment in a holistic manner, and are envisaged as instrument to bring Social, Economic, and Legal empowerment of Women particularly those belonging to the under privileged sections of society. The activities of Gender Resource Centre are to encompass Social Empowerment, Legal Rights, Economic Initiatives comprising of skill building, Micro enterprise and entrepreneurship Development, Health Aspects, Information Sharing and Networking Aspects, and Non formal functional literacy and Women empowerment.

  7. Schemes Under Mission Convergence

    Under the Mission Convergence program nine government departments have been taken into account with their current entitlement schemes. Each participating department has a Nodal Officer, who is accountable to their department for program implementation. At District level, Deputy Commissioner (DC) have been designated as the District In-charge to guide the mission. The  DCs are the central convergence point for all the social sector programmes in the district. At community level the local NGOs/CBOs have been involved for implementation of the program at community level itself. These institutions would be linked to Suvidha Kendras that is true convergence and facilitation center at single window.

  8. List of Member Forum

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